Every day, we avidly strive to enhance the efficiency and fairness of our supply chain, ensuring that sustainably sourced fruits remain available for future generations to enjoy. We believe that this mission is not solitary; it requires collective effort and collaboration for genuine success.

That is why we foster close relationships with our sourcing partners, retail customers, industry associations, and the dedicated members of the SIFAV to which we have pledged our commitment. To enact meaningful transformation, we have identified five core sustainability pillars: Circularity, Climate, Nature, Social Responsibility, and as an overarching theme, Chain Responsibility. These themes guide our actions and initiatives towards a more sustainable future for all.

'Part of our legacy'



Good employership. We want fairness for both our direct colleagues and those in the chain: health and vitality, fair wages, diversity and inclusiveness (e.g. SROI).


We want to work towards a circular organization and chain: this means that we use as little as possible (primary) raw materials, prevent waste and reuse residual flows in a high-quality manner. In concrete terms, we focus on reducing food waste by, for example, matching supply and demand and adding value to residual flows in collaboration with innovative parties, as well as reducing and making our packaging more sustainable.


The journey of fruit is accompanied by an environmental impact. From the moment the seed is planted until a consumer eats it. We want to reduce this environmental impact as much as possible. That is why, in collaboration with the chain, we are going to reduce our CO2 footprint, save energy and generating renewable energy and making transport more sustainable.


Through innovations in sustainable agriculture, we ensure the optimal growth of our crops, enabling us to thrive amidst changing circumstances while combating land degradation and contributing to the strengthening of biodiversity (e.g., through the elimination of pesticide usage). In doing so, we are committed to maintaining a healthy and sustainable living environment.

chain responsibility

Being part of a collective is crucial. Chain responsibility is a prerequisite for achieving sustainability objectives. We are dedicated to advancing sustainability throughout the entire supply chain by fostering collaboration among stakeholders, acting as chain directors, and mutually reinforcing each other.