The Chain

The Chain

Chain cooperation is very important to us. It’s the way we work because we need each other. Not only today, but also in the future. We want to grow with each other by building trust and sharing our knowledge and inspiration.

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The consumer

We believe in the infinite possibilities of fruit. We have made discovering them our mission.

That starts with understanding the consumer. Our investment in consumer and shopper insights is substantial. We actively brainstorm with our customers on how to optimize category sales. This not only benefits us and our clients, but also the consumer who still consumes insufficient fruit according to the recommended daily amount.

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Sourcing partners

We are proud of our global network of long-standing partners. They are all innovative growers who value quality as much as we do.

Partnerships with our growers are vital to us. We learn from each other and grow together. We also have two of our own grower locations in South Africa and Macedonia.

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Sourcing map

Bonnysa 1 of 13 El Murtal 2 of 13 Didonna 3 of 13 Logifruta 4 of 13 Blue Nile 5 of 13 Magnus 6 of 13 Neeraj 7 of 13 El Camino 8 of 13 Guruva 9 of 13 Bravis 10 of 13 Matroosberg 11 of 13 Greenspan 12 of 13 The Grape Company 13 of 13
Friola 1 of 14 Guadex 2 of 14 Natual Fruit Company 3 of 14 BeFresh 4 of 14 Daltex 5 of 14 El Saad 6 of 14 Camilfruit 7 of 14 Kingfisher 8 of 14 9 of 14 Cone 10 of 14 Bex 11 of 14 Sterling 12 of 14 CPF 13 of 14 Wonderfull 14 of 14
De Bruin 1 of 8 Rio Cinca 2 of 8 Nufri 3 of 8 Valle del Jerte 4 of 8 Delta Agrar 5 of 8 Elita 6 of 8 Anatoli 7 of 8 Icon 8 of 8
Berries direct 1 of 4 Berrie Brothers 2 of 4 Onuba 3 of 4 Fruta de Analusia 4 of 4
Anatoli 1 of 8 Jingold 2 of 8 Mazoni 3 of 8 Onuba 4 of 8 Agricola Nuestra Terra 5 of 8 Pommer 6 of 8 Disfruta 7 of 8 Total Fruit 8 of 8

Quality & Certificates

Quality & Certificates

Together with our growing partners, we set the highest standards of quality for all our fruit. That is why you can be sure of consistently high quality from Olympic Fruit.

We have our own quality team and use quality controls intensively. Through an in-house quality control system, we are committed to delivering customized solutions at the client level every day. Our inspection reports are logged in QC One software and are available to growers and buyers upon request.

Download our certifications here:

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Our product range

We are known for our many years of experience with grapes and citrus fruit. But stone fruit, soft fruit, kiwi and other fruits are also in good hands with us.

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Our logistics partner

Fresh Pack Logistics is our logistics partner. Because we are both part of Olympic Food Group, we can act very efficiently and quickly. Fresh Pack Logistics has full control of the storage, handling and distribution processes and works with different temperature zones so that the quality of our product is always guaranteed.

Because we are located on the same site as Fresh Pack Logistics, we always have an overview of our physical inventory and are able to respond quickly. In addition to storage, repacking and packing, Fresh Pack Logistics also provides transport for Olympic Fruit.

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Our clients

Our clients are located in Northwest Europe and range from various retail formulas to exporters and wholesalers that supply vegetable & fruit specialists, caterers and the hospitality sector.

We’re proud of the wonderful clients we’ve been supplying fruit to for many years. Quality, year-round availability and competitive prices are what our clients value us for. We invest in innovative packing solutions and have our own brand, Fruit & Joy. 

Combined with up-to-date knowledge of the market and consumers, we work with our clients to grow each category and help more people enjoy healthy, fresh fruit. We are happy to tell you more about our vision on the fruit category.

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Dojrana farm

Cederberg farm