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category vision

Sustained growth is the foundation and it is reflected in our vision on the Category Fruit. Using various data sources, we have linked together social trends, developments in Food (Retail & Food Service), shopper insights such as purchasing behaviour, shopper profiles and penetration in order to develop growth insights. We have translated these insights into a growth vision for the Category Fruit with a focus on our product portfolio.


Using Category Management and Marketing, these insights are translated in a conceptual and strategic manner into product ranges and advice for our buyers, where promotion planning and evaluation as well as conceptual services are tailored to their unique formula and shopper portfolio.

View the short film about our category vision here:



Innovation: “Utilising new technologies in products, services and processes or developing new products, services and processes.”

By collaborating with our partners in a chain-effective manner, we create opportunities for smart innovation together.

At Olympic Fruit, innovations are centred around concepts such as chain shortening, conceptual surprises and the optimisation of collaboration.



“Motion” is a term that goes together perfectly with the world of packaging in the fresh produce sector. Whether it is about reducing packaging volumes, replacing packaging materials or modifying the materials used, the world of packaging is in motion!

Olympic Fruit sees it as a challenge to advise our partners in this regard and, wherever possible, surprise them in a creative manner. We strive to actively and conceptually innovate the packaging of our product range.

We take factors such as expiration dates, appearance, the presentation of our products and the pricing of the total solution into account at all times.

We offer an extensive portfolio of both regular and sustainable packaging solutions. The standard packaging options per product are listed in the product specifications.