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Product Range

Olympic Fruit’s core values are “modern,” “reliable” and “passionate.”
We have opted to visibly translate these values to our product range:



‘Knowledgeable expert’

As a partner, we possess in-depth specialist and value-adding knowledge with regard to these product portfolios, at both the product and partner level.

You can expect us to offer you expert advice in order to create the optimal mix, where product, product range, price optimisation, innovation and customer loyalty are seamlessly brought together in a manner that best suits

‘Temptation through innovation'

In our role as a value-added partner, you can expect temptation through innovation.

The products in this product portfolio are often complementary and have a perishable character. They are often seasonal products. With the help of unique market approaches and surprising propositions, we will work with you to make the most of this product portfolio.

‘Surprising entrepreneurship’

Surprising each other with creative concepts. There is nothing we love more than supporting our partners with the realisation of their business objectives.

Stimulating each other during seasonal moments by adding surprising products or concepts to our range in order to realise our shared ambitions.