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About olympic fruit

Olympic Fruit is located in the Dutch heart of the vegetable and fruit business. We are a modern (inter)national fruit partner for both producers and buyers.

We believe in chain effectiveness. This means that the basics have to be order and the game of supply and demand has to be played in a pragmatic and modern way. You pay for what you buy, no more and no less. This allows us to offer both producers and buyers value-added services at the right costs.

Chain effectiveness starts with knowledge and understanding our playing field. Knowledge of e.g. cultivation, our processes, laws and regulations, our clients, consumers and all other relevant trends and social developments that impact our business.

We strive to utilise this knowledge together with our producers and buyers to realise our shared ambitions. We make a difference by thinking along with our partners and surprising them conceptually.

Our Vision

'Part of a Dutch ambition'

Collaboration lies at the heart of our partner role and forms the foundation for our chain-effective operations. Bringing together the right partners and supporting them with relevant services ensures our ambitions are within reach.

A flexible and balanced product range that is tailored to your wishes with regard to pricing, quality, packaging and appearance. Depending on your role in the chain, it is possible to add custom services such as grower connections, geographical distribution, species selection, promotion planning, shopper insights, brands, private labels, etcetera.

Through effective collaboration with our partners, we can realise an impact where it counts!


Impact daar waar het relevant is


Jobs at olympic fruit

Olympic Fruit is regularly looking for new colleagues. Want to know more about this?
Send an email to or call +31 (0)180 64 62 00.

Open applications are always welcome!